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About us

We are supply whole complete plants from the cleaning of the raw material to the packing of the finished product as cashew calibrating machine, cashew steaming machine, automatic cashew shelling machine, cashew drying machine, cashew peeling machine, cashew grading machine, cashew packing machine, to have detail, pl contact with as as following:

[caption id="attachment_1379" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Cashew processing plant[/caption]

1. Raw cashew nut cleaning and calibrating machine

  • Processing: raw cashew feeder -> bucket elevator -> Drum sorting -> raw cashew with 5 size
  • Raw cashew Nut Calibrator is used to clean and sort raw cashew nuts based on 5 different sizes. Sizing is needed for efficient shelling and further processes.
  • Raw Nut Calibrator is fabricated to obtain a homogeneous quantity of raw cashew nuts that are further shelled either manually or automatically. It comes with an additional dust separator which removes dust, small particles, stacks & foreign particles from the raw cashew nuts.
  • Our Raw Nut Calibrator is featured by an auto feeding system which reduces labour requirement, thus saving production cost.
  • Depend on capacity we will design for customer one automatic system from calibrator linking direct to steamer to decreas labour or design add one calibrator for after steamer

2. Cashew steaming machine, cashew steamer:

we can be designed whole kind steamer as requirement of customer as standing steamer, rotary steamer, compact steamer and boiler

Processing: Raw cashew -> feeder -> bucket elevator -> Drum steamer -> discharge -> cashew steamed

Standing steamer: is designed as pressure cooker, steaming from boiler put on direct in cooker with pressure 2-3 bar, time 20-30 min/batch, capacity is design as requirement of customer

Rotary steaming machine: the principle is the same pressure cooker. But tank cooker will be rotary in working, help to mix well raw cashew in steaming, this machine is suitable with more big factory, is use famous and use more in the world

Compact steamer and boiler: this machine is designed base with utilization of materials available as cashew shelling will be make one small boiler fire direct and take heating transfer to standing steamer, this machine is suitable with small plant

Cashew roasting machine: this machine use principle raw cashew will be cooking raw cashew oil

Processing: raw cashew -> soaking -> cooker ->  roasting with cashew oil -> deoil -> cooling

This technology is suitable for biggest factory, when use technology will be minimizing broken and uncutter  (broken < 5%, uncutter < 5%), cashew kernel will be easy separating after cutting,

With technology need more area land for processing and more labour, high cost invertement

3. Automatic cashew shelling line:

our line is designed base principle continuos, raw cashew nut after steamed and cooling will be put on feeder, will be pick up to sharing hope and sharing for 4 shelling machine, one machine only cutting one size one time A, B or CD, after cutting cashew kernel, cashew uncutter, cashew shell will be enter primery sieving machine to take kernel the first time, then shell, uncutter, haft cutted will be pick up to centrifugal machine by blowing machine, them thought secondy sieving machine take kernel the second, then thought cashew kernel grading to take uncutter and shell, kerkel

4. Cashew nut drying machine:

this stage is very important  for peeling machine , kernel cashew after shelled will be drying to separating skin and kernel before put on peeling machine

Raw cashew nut is labour or machine put on to tray, will be place to trolley,and enter drying machine, the machine is principle blowing hot air recirculation, heating is supply by electric resistant or heating from boiler thought calorife piper and having more fan is possition more blowing recirculation in machine, and have fan to exhaust moiture

One batch is drying about 8 – 12 hour depend kind kernel

5. Cashew nut humidificating machine:

when cashew kernel is dryed, moisture is lower about 2-3 %, with moisture thought peeling stage more broken, so need processing again moisture suitable for peeling machine

6. Cashew nut peeling machine:

when cashew is remoiture with suitable moisture, will be put on peeling machine, kernel will be brush

cashew kernel will put on drum with drum and brush attached in axis rotary in opposite direction, cashew kernel when through drum and brush is friction and beaten to separating testa and kernel, when will be sent to high pressure blow, helt to separating cashew kernel and testa to take out kernel, final to drum grading machine and roll grading machine

With this stage machine only processing 60-85 % while cashew kernel and broken in processing about 8- 15%, a rest use labour to grading or use color sorter to seperating wast cashew  kernels

7. Cashew color sorter:

in peeling machine have more cashew kerkel can’t cleaning testa in kernel, so need to separating to labour processing by hand

This machine is use principle image processing base color of kernel to separating, cashew kernel thought conveyour with high speed and have more camera CDD to detecting different color when run, then have matrix air blowing gun to blowing cashew different color to out flow cashew kernel, processing have make more time

8. Cashew grading machine:

this stage use sorting kernel W240, W320, LP, LW … depend kind kernel have machine is suitable, with whole cashew kernel use principle by roll, cashew kernel throught two opposite spindle, each distance of two roller with orther size cashew kernel

With LP, WS .. use principle vibration sieving machine with more layout, each layout is next have diffent size depend size of hole net

Cashew kernel packing line: cashew kernel -> vibration sieving machine -> working conveyor => magnerting -> exhauxt dust -> weight -> filling -> vacuum packing machine

In processing need some auxiliaries machiney as following:


Whole machine is designed and making with new technology full automatic and saving energy and labour

Cashew shelling with the highest quality output, Removing shells from cashew nuts is now easier and efficient

Cashew nut shell removed without any harm done to the kernels,

Can be performed for various nut sizes, at the same time

Minimizing broken rate and uncutter

Whole machine is designed simple, easy for operation and suitable with cashew industry with not good skill labour

Lower investment cost and high economic efficiency

compatible with more kind cashew nut Vietnam, India, Affica …