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Cashew nut processing technology


Processing technology of cashew nut processing technology: Raw cashew nut -> calibator 1  -> steaming (roasting) -> calibator 2 -> shelling -> seperating -> Drying -> peeling -> grading -> vacuum packing

cashew processing flow chart 703x1024 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew processing flow

With processing have use machines as following


IMG00233 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew Oil pressing machine

Application: use take oil from shell of cashew
Saving labour and electric power
Bucket conveyor: 1 set
Oil pressing machine: 1 machine
Size : 2340*880*1440mm
Power :18.5kw
Capacity :20t/24hours
Weight : 1600kg
Oil filter: 1 set
Power: 1.1kw
Capacity: 200kg/h


May phan loai dieu tho 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

cashew calibrating machine

Application: Cashew cleaning and sorting machine use for cleaning cashew and categories whole kind size as A, B, C, D …


  • In this process we separate different sizes of cashew nuts with the help of a electric calibrator. This calibrator has holes of different dimensions, starts from 18mm, separate five grades. Grading of nuts normally used for mechanical plants to facilitate in assures even drying in Dryer treatment, making shelling it can be avoided, worker always wants to cut big nuts, labor turnover.
  • Fully automatic system that reduces labour in comparison with the solutions available on the market and helps the operation control by advanced electronic control system
  • More uniform and precise calibration granted by the different processing concept and the adopted manufacturing solutions.
  • More safety for the plant users and respect to the processing: utmost protection and least down time periods.
  • Less space requirement in comparison with same capacity.
  • Less energy consumption in comparison with same capacity.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Thanks to the uniformity and precision of the classification, the processing steps after the cleaning and calibration such as humidification, roasting, shelling, kernel drying and grading are facilitated in comparison with the current system.

Main characteristics:

  • Raw cashew nuts cleaning machines
  • Product screw conveyors
  • Bag holders and connection piping
  • Calibration cylinders
  • Elevators
  • Electric control panel


  • Capacity: 1,500 – 2000 kg / h
  • Finish product: 5 kinds of raw cashew with different sizes (A,a,B,b,C), size of hole Ø 17- 23 mm
  • Feeder: material supplied by conveyor belt
  • Power: 4 Hp – 3 Kw – 3 Pha – 380 V
  • Dimension of install (LxWxH): 8,000 x 1,500 x 2,500 mm
  • Weight: 1500 kg


may hap dieu 768x1024 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew steaming machine

Application: Cashew steaming and cashew roating help shell and kernel seperated out to easy for shelling to take kernel


  • The raw cashew roasting and steaming machine we has design according to the customer’s request as CNSL (cashew nut shell liquid) bath roaster or rotate steaming drum. With the roating and steam compatible with the most of kind of raw cashew in the world
  • The machine low steam consumption resulting in energy saving and minimal atmospheric admissions;
  • Having to mechanize loading and unloading, thus reducing labour.
  • Increasing maximum thermal efficiency thanks to the special structure of the roaster and to the external insulation
  • The advanced control system allow monitoring temperature, time input and output





-         Capacity: 600 Kg/hour (depend on requirement’customer, we have design)

-         Rate finish product: 98 – 100%

-         Power motor: 2HP – 1.5 Kw

-         Power supply: 3 Pha – 380 V

-         Fuel: steaming

-         Dimension: 1400 x 1250 m

-         Bucket Elevator: Power supply: 1 Hp – 0.75 Kw/h, 3 pha – 220 V – 50 Hz

-         Capacity : 100 kg/batch (2 min/batch) (depend on requirement’customer, we have design)

-         Power: 27 Hp – 20Kw- 3Phase-380V-50Hz

-         Dimension (LxWxH): 5500 x 2400 x 4800 mm

-         Size of chimney (DxL): Ø320 x 15000 mm

-         Cashew shell shooting machine

-         Dimension: 500 x 1.250 x 1.200 mm

-         Centrifigual fan: φ 350 1 HP, 0.75 Kw -3phase

-         Orient box shell cashew

-         Motor: 1/2Hp

-         Centrifigual Machine

-         Dimension (DxHxT): Þ 1.000 x 400 x 4 mm

-         Motor: 10 HP /960 round/min


image0181 300x198 Cashew nut processing technology

Application:  cashew cutting table use cutting to take kernel


  • The equipment use by hand and leg to control for shelling raw cashew, for capacity depend of skill of labour


  • One set is including: 1 table, 2 machines, 2 chairs for 2 people dealing with it, Capacity: 4 kg/hour (one lady)
  • By hand/leg
  • Rate broken: <5% (depend skill of lady)
  • Rate Finish: 90-95 %


shelling line Cashew nut processing technology

Automatic cashew shelling line,cashew shelling machine,cashew shelling machinery

Application: cashew kernel humidificating machine cutting to take cashew kernel


  • The objective of shelling is to produce clean, whole kernels free of cracks.
  • The steam cooked & air cured nuts are de-shelled by hand and leg operated cutters, and now a day’s some semiautomatic and fully automatic machines are arrived in market for fast process. Pair of workers are needed for one cutter. While the cutter de-shells the nuts, the other worker retrieves the kernels from the shell. The nuts are fed one by one manually between the two sets of blades to fit the contour of the fixed blades. The pressing of the pedal pierces the nut on the convex side by means of two blades. The two blades are used to splits the nut by operating the handle of the cutter. After de-shelling, the nut falls freely due to gravity and is collected beneath the cutter.
  • This section is the key of success of the production. A pair of workers can cut near about 75 to 80 kgs of the nuts in normal conditions (when the quality of the nuts is of the superior grades). In many places people don’t like to work in groups there they can work alone with one cutter cutting as well as separating the shell and kernel at the same time, this system will allow you to check the broken at any stage of shelling.
  • In semi automatic shelling process one worker can handle 10 stations. Hi has to feed the RCN in shelling machines hopper at regular interval. Semi automatic shelling machines capacity depends upon the size of the RCN. Depending upon the variety of semi automatic shelling machine single station can handle 60-65 nuts per min in most of the Indian made machines, you can say about 70% of the market. Some machines are also available with capacity of 130-140 raw cashew nut per min capacities. In the starting these machine gives best result but when the time passes performance goes down. first 6 month these machines gives 85-95% Shelling, broken ratio is 4-7%. But after six month unshelled ratio goes to 30-40% while broken ratio also goes too high.
  • Now we are going to use a third version of our machine which has best stability with time. Capacity of the machine is 260-300 Raw Cashew Nuts per min.

Specification of Automatic cashew shelling line new version (with 6 shelling machine) and 6 knife/machine)

  • Capacity: 3800 – 4800 kg/8 hour
  • Capacity: 480 – 600  kg/hour
  • Total power: 18 HP
  • White whole ratio : 80-95 %
  • Broken ratio : 5 – 10 %
  • Dimension (LxRxH): 10,000 x 9,000 x 3500 mm


May say dieu 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew kernel drying machine,cashew drying machine, cashew dryer

Application:Kernel drying machine use drying kernel for easy peeling kiln


  • The machine use drying kiln of kernel of cashew bring back to moisture about 4-8 % to be easy peeling skin of kernel . the temperature use drying about 80 -90 0C , and time 120 -135 min, depend on requirement of customer, we will be design static drying machine or continuous drying machine
  • Cashew nut drying machine has design with advantages technology, have control temperature and time
  • Uniform quality products to increase highly effective for the peeling stage
  • Having strong structure, saving enegy  and easy operation and maintainSpecification (static drying machine)

Capacity : 1500 – 1800 /batch  (Time : 09-12 h/batch )

  • Dimension: LxWxH =5000 x 2800 x 2500 mm
  • Fuel: saturate steam, heating from boiler
  • Power: 3HP – 3 pha 380V


cashew nut humidification room1 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

cashew nut humidification room

Application: After that kernel had drying kiln, the kernel have low moisture. To the best for peeling machine have to kernel humidification . the machine include many fan blowing steam to increase moisture of kernel.


Easy operation machine and reduce rate broken in peeling machine


  • Capacity: 1000 kg/batch
  • Power: 0.75kw
  • Power source: 380V-50Hz (3 phase) or 220V – 50Hz (1 phase)
  • Dimention (LxWxH): 2900 x 1500 x1200 mm


peeling machine 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew peeling machine


Application: Cashew kernel peeling machine run by principle use brush with drum is rotated and peeling kiln out of kernel


  • Cashew kernel peeling machine is controle by Inverter or PLC depend on of customer, help adjust speed, setup program with moiture, kind of cashew …
  • Whole parts contact with cashew made by SS304 ensure standard for food
  • This model is a very compact design with a strong structure. There is over 50% parts imported. The fabrication has been done by high quality material and proper process. Machine is ready for 24 hrs contnuously running with very low consumptions in both electricity & pneumatic component
  • Cashew kernel peeling machine was designed new technology friendly with labour help easy operation and maintenace
  • Cashew kernel peeling machine export to India, Affica, Campodia, Thailand …
  • We have two kind peeling machine as following:

1. Compact Cashew peeling machine use PLC, Air consumer: 20 Hp, capacity: 150 – 180 kg/hour

  • Outer dimension (LxWxH): 2700x900x2400mm ( installation area needed : approx 3 m2)
  • Capacity : approx 1.2 tons – 1.5 ton of Kernel / 8 hrs shift 8 hrs (Maximum: 2000 kg/8hour)
  • Broken percentage approx. 12-14% ( including 6%- 8% available broken nut at the inlet)

2. Two head Cashew peeling machine use Inverter, Air consumer: 50 Hp, capacity: 300 kg/hour

  • Capacity: 250 – 300 kg/h
  • Air compressor: 50HP-22 Kw – 7 Bar
  • White whole ratio : 75-90%
  • Broken ratio : 8-10%
  • Moisture: 4-5 %
  • Power supply: 3phase – 380V
  • Total power: 4Kw
  • Dimention : L 10.000 x W 1.000 x H 3.000mm
  • Bucket Elevator: Dimension (LxWxH): 3600 x 400 x 2200 mm, Bucket materials : Plastic
  • Dust Collector: Engine Capacity : 1HP – 3 Phases 380V, Hopper: Dimension (LxWxH mm): 800 x800 x 1200mm
  • Material: staines steel 304
  • Mortor use brand new Taiwan, control by inverter, electronic component Taiwa, or Korea


May phan loai dieu nhan 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

Cashew grading machine

Application: Cashew kernel grading machine use for storting whole kind size of kernel to W320, W240, W450 and broken nuts


  • Cashew kernel grading machine run with high accuracy, minimize the rate of broken
  • Whole machine making by SS304, ensure standard for Food
  • Labour easy operation and maintenace


  • Capacity: 100-200 kg/h
  • To grade Cashew Kernel into W320, W240, W450 and broken nuts
  • Power: 0.75 kw, 1 HP
  • Power supply: 380 V, 3 phase
  • Rates equal size distributed: 90-95%
  • Dimension (L x W x H):  2500 x 1500 x 1500 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel, steel.
  • Easy in adjusting the slit size.


packing line 1024x768 Cashew nut processing technology

Application: use for weighting packing tin, weight of tin depend on requirement

Processing: Hoper -> Bucket conveyor -> conveyor -> Screening  -> Weighting -> Vacuum packing machine


  • Whole mahine is control by inverter, have adjuist speed of whole system
  • Automatic cashew nut packing machine is with high accuracy, minimize the rate of broken
  • Whole machine making by SS304, ensure standard for Food
  • Labour easy operation and maintenace


  • Capacity : 50-70 packs/h
  • Total power: 8Hp
  • Pressure : 2bar
  • Dimension: 10000mm – W: 2000mm – H: 2000mm
  • Weight: 700 Kg