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Raw cashew cleaning and calibration machine
  • Việtnam
  • L/CT/T
  • 4 kw
  • 1500 kg/hour
  • 7000 L x 2000 W x 3000 H (mm)
  • 1500 (kg)

The machine use processing classification and cleaning kind of raw cashew nuts, the machine has been designed from simple to complex with high automatic compatible with shelling by hand or machine. The machine have classification with ranges from 18 to 30 millimeters.
Beside, Depend on requirement of customer we have designed shell processing system as Nut extraction device …
Fully automatic system that reduces labour in comparison with the solutions available on the market and helps the operation control by advanced electronic control system
More uniform and precise calibration granted by the different processing concept and the adopted manufacturing solutions.
More safety for the plant users and respect to the processing: utmost protection and least down time periods.
Less space requirement in comparison with same capacity.
Less energy consumption in comparison with same capacity.
Low maintenance costs.
Thanks to the uniformity and precision of the classification, the processing steps after the cleaning and calibration such as humidification, roasting, shelling, kernel drying and grading are facilitated in comparison with the current system.
Main characteristics:
Raw cashew nuts cleaning machines
Product screw conveyors
Bag holders and connection piping
Calibration cylinders
Electric control panel
Capacity: 1,500 kg / h
Finish product: 5 kinds of raw cashew with different sizes (A,a,B,b,C), size of hole Ø 17- 23 mm
Feeder: material supplied by conveyor belt
Power: 4 Hp – 3 Kw – 3 Pha – 380 V
Dimension of install (LxWxH): 8,000 x 1,500 x 2,500 mm
Weight: 1500 kg


Máy dùng phân loại các loại hạt điều thô, máy được thiết kế đơn giản với độ tự động cao, thích hợp dùng cho các loại máy cắt bằng tay hoặc máy. Máy có thể phân loại hạt từ 18 – 30 mm.
Tùy theo yêu cầu chúng tôi sẽ thiết kế hệ thống xử lý vỏ hạt điều
Tính năng ưu việt
Máy được trang bị hệ thống điều khiển tiên tiến hoàn toàn tự động giúp giảm nhân công
Dễ dàng lắp đặt bảo trì sửa chữa
Năng suất: 1,500 kg / h
Phân loại: 5 kinds of raw cashew with different sizes (A,a,B,b,C), size of hole Ø 17- 23 mm
Cấp liệu: material supplied by conveyor belt
Công suất: 4 Hp – 3 Kw – 3 Pha – 380 V
Lắp đặt (LxWxH): 8,000 x 1,500 x 2,500 mm
Trọng lượng: 1500 kg