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Cashew nut processing technology in Vietnam

Cashew processing technology in Vietnam is increasingly developed because Vietnam has strengths in natural conditions for raw material production Cashew processing technology has helped Vietnam become the world’s No. 1 cashew exporter. Since 1985, Vietnam has invented a cashew nut processing line suitable to the actual conditions and people of our country. MEKONG TECH GROUP Company has [...]

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Vacuum frying machine

From some fresh ingredients we can process a number of fast food products such as, Snack cakes, fried jackfruit, fried potatoes, fried bananas, fresh fruits To overcome, the above disadvantages, it is necessary to use frying equipment with a new technology called vacuum frying machine In addition, use frying cashew nut or vegetable in vacuum and [...]

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Cashew nut shell liquid

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL oil, Cashew Shell Oil, CNSL Resin) is a bypass-product of the cashew processing factory. The cashew Nut Shell take up 70 % weight of raw cashew nut. The cashew Nut Shell has a shell of about 1/8-inch thickness inside which is a soft honeycomb structure containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid. It [...]

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Cashew nut drying machine

  Cashew nut drying machine use drying upeeled cashew kernel to preparing for cashew peeling machine. First, This Cashew Dryer is manufactured using fine quality approved components with the aid of innovative tools and techniques Moreover, Widely used for heating, drying and many more purposes,  drying and many more purposes, the offered range of  available at an affordable [...]

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Cashew packing machine

Cashew packing machine Use checking final finished product and packing with vacuum bag or tin packing to export. Feature: The Cashew packing machine is automatic from feeder to vacuum packing bag or tin packing Equiped seiving, dust exhaust fans, magnet to removing small broken in process and metal and dust Whole machine made by SS304 [...]

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Cashew kernel grading machine

Cashew kernel grading machine use sorting size of cashew nut with finished cashew kernel with size W450, W320, W240 , WS ... Overview: Processing: hopper-> Whole cashew kernel grading machine->finishing cashew kernel W450, W320, W240 , WS Feature: Whole make is processing by new technology CNC, Frame of machine make by SS powder coating painting or SS304,whole parts [...]

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Cashew nut peeling machine

How Cashew peeling machine works? The Cashew peeling machine Use removing skin of cashew kernel after dried cashew kernel enter drum with brush shaft and drum creating friction, the removing skin by high air pressure. Introduction of Cashew nut peeling machine: 1.  Applicable to peel different size of cashew nut. 2. Automatic control and in [...]

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Boiler for Cashew Processing Factory

What is the cashew nut processing plant boiler used for? Boiler for cashew processing factory use supplying hot steaming for cashew steaming machine moreover cashew drying machine in cashew processing factory. Special Attractions: The boiler is designed special for cashew processing factory, with high automatic and saving fuel. Whole part of Boiler is import from EU, Japan achived EU, High [...]

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Cashew nut color sorting

Sorting of products is a very difficult industrial process. So, what is Cashew nut color sorting machine? Cashew nut color sorting machine use grading cashew kernel and broken, missed after cashew shelling line and cashew peeling machine. Feature: First, The machine is automatic from feeder to grading kernel with size and color. In addition, Color [...]

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Raw cashew nut cleaning machine

Decription: Raw cashew nut cleaning machine is used in removing dust and impurities in raw cashew nut, cleaning to 100 % dust and impuritis and 98% stone in Raw cashew nut, minized broken of blade for cashew shelling machine Principle of operation The raw cashew nuts are fed into the feed box and loaded onto [...]

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