machine de noix de cajou

//machine de noix de cajou
  • Automatic cashew peeling machine
    Decription: The Automatic cashew peeling machine use removing skin of cashew kernel after dried cashew kernel enter drum with brus shaft and drum creating friction, the removing skin by high air pressure.
  • automatic cashew shelling machine
    Decription: Automatic cashew shelling machine use cutting and separating steamed cashew nut, with capacity 80-250 kg/hour each machine, broken lower than 5%, shelling rate bigger than 90 %.
  • Cashew kernel grading machine
    Description: Cashew kernel grading machine use sorting size of cashew nut with finished cashew kernel with size W450, W320, W240 , WS ...
  • cashew nut drying machine
    Decription: Cashew nut drying machine use drying upeeled cashew kernel to preparing for cashew peeling machine.
  • Cashew rotation steaming machine
    Description: Cashew rotation steaming machine or rotary cashew steaming machine use cooking raw cashew with hot steam from boiler, in run the drum rotating, help to raw cashew in drum is mix. steamed raw cashew nut have Highly uniform suitable for whole kind automatic cashew shelling machine.
  • Cashew vacuum packing machine
    Decription: Cashew vacuum packing machine use packing with vacuum bag, can use independent or machine in Automatic Cashew nut packing line.
  • Raw cashew nuts cleaning machines
    Application: The raw cashew cleaning and calibration machine use processing classification and cleaning kind of raw cashew nuts, the machine has been designed from simple to complex with high automatic compatible with shelling by hand or machine.
    • Model- mã sản phẩm : MEKONG-CBM11.
    • Origin - Xuất xứ : Việtnam.
    • Payment Terms - Thanh toán : L/C, T/T.
    • Power - công suất : 4 kw.
    • Capacity - Năng suất : 1500 kg/hour.
    • Dimension - Kích thước : 7000 L x 2000 W x 3000 H (mm).
    • Weight - Trọng lượng : 1500 (kg).
  • Raw cashew nut sizing machine
    Application: Raw cashew nut sizing machine use sorting size of raw cashew nut into 5 size as A+, A,B,C,D, with diameter of cashew nut 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16.
  • Decription: Semi automatic cashew shelling machine is used in processing in cutted in automatic cashew shelling line.